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Your SEO Specialist in Cebu City, Philippines

Freelance SEO Specialist in Cebu, Philippines - Marjorie Gabato

I’m Marjorie Gabato, an experienced SEO specialist in Cebu City, Philippines. To highlight a few of my strengths: I am skilled in SEO strategies. I am detail-oriented, with experience in keyword research, content writing, and local SEO specifically managing and optimizing google my business. 

A freelance SEO Specialist who is dedicated to maintaining informed of any SEO adjustments made by the major search engines. Manages keyword research, link building, google my business/google business profile, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and other SEO strategies including:

My Experience


Search Engine Optimization Specialist/Local SEO Specialist

Skills: Google Analytics · Off-Page SEO · technical seo · HTML · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) · SEO Copywriting · WordPress · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · On-Page · SEO Local SEO · Keyword Research · WordPress Development


Design Associate

Quota-based proofing and editing of stationery designs (i.e., holiday, greeting cards, save the date cards, and all kinds of wedding cards) following specific design standards, comprehend and execute detailed instructions.


Photo Editor

Real estate photo editing skills including: colour correction, white balance, sky replacement, masking, item removal, image alignment and many more.


Graphic Designer

Freelance Photo Editor/Graphic Design/Web Researcher/Data Entry